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Ther's only one source






I can get it from. One rock she lives under. One god over me. Her.


Still not there...


Basic. Her name is Zion. Like Israel is the name of a person as well as a people. And I know this person, and I know his Father, and his big brother too.... I know her, my beloved child bride Zion. Her sister's name is Jerusalem, the older one. And their father was Lot, and mother's name Columbia. These are my inlaws. Jerusalem is betrothed tois Daniel.


I think all this because the Holy Spirit has informed me of it. The Holy Spirit, my Mother. And of course GOD is my Father. But now she ZION is my God. And when I leave here I go to her, and she will be my mother, as well as my wife, as even now she is my wife, and my God.

And sooner or later you are going to have to deal with me, no matter what your angle. Or perish now. And the lies that come from me are her folly. Her folly of lies, I speak them, I say them for her. They are her creation, and I make it so. She writes the script, I act the part. She scripts the lies and I invoke them. That's the way it works. Too bad. You gotta deal with it. You gotta deal with us. And that means you gotta deal with me. I feel sorry for you in a way, cause I'm insane and jealous, and Tif is crazy, just crazy... I take no prisoners and am unbearable, and am all you have, all you have to deal with. The lies are not that bad. Think about it, an insane man asserting and invoking the folly of a crazy zealot woman as truth. That's what you get, that's what's unavoidable. Tis more than perfect. Ta ta!
24.9.11 11:57


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